Background and Objective

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted in September 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SDGs is expected to be implemented through various initiatives by stakeholders, such as policy makers, private companies, and citizens. This tool was developed to help such stakeholders consider their own SDG targets which will contribute to the achievement of the global SDGs. This tool enables users to understand which fields are interlinked and not interlinked to the global SDGs, as they are integrated and indivisible.

The tool was developed by Kanie laboratory at Keio University in collaboration with Mizuho Information and Research Institute., Inc., with support from the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (S-11) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

How to Use

1. Understand overall structure of the global SDGs
If users click “All Goals and Targets”, icons of all goals and targets of the SDGs are listed. The contents of the goals are shown by pointing a cursor on the icons. The bottom part of the top page shows the list of all goals and targets.

2. Intelinkage between goals and targets of the global SDGs
Users can click the checkboxes and click “Search” so that you can see all the targets which are related to the selected fields. If you select “or”, all the targets which belongs to the selected fields are shown. If you select “and”, targets which belongs to all the goals you selected are shown.

If users enter any words in “Freeword” box and click search, all the targets which contain that word will be listed. Users can also save the results and check it later. Users can try many selection patterns and compare these results.

At the right of each target listed (not icons, but the list under the icons), there are icons named “related goals”. By clicking these icons, you can see the list of goals which that target is linked to.